Aaron Stull v. Brad Pitt | An Interview by Noah Bergland

Aaron v. Brad Pitt | An Interview by Noah Bergland

Aaron Stull v. Brad Pitt was originally published on March 23rd, 2020

I have something special for you today, it’s an interview I’ve been wanting to do since I was first told about this guy’s special fact. His name is Aaron Stull and to the untrained eye, he’s just another 50 something-year-old trying to pick up the pieces of his life.

This last summer while I was working at food service, on a beautiful day, someone says to me, “Hey, see that guy on the mower over there?” As I glanced over, he continues, “Well he beat Brad Pitt out for homecoming king.” As he sees the doubt creep into my eye, he tells me about the pictures he has to prove it.

So I’m thinking, okay, now I have heard it all, and he reassures me that he isn’t playing around.  He tells me there’s a video on Youtube of him as a contestant on a game show called, “I’ve Got a Secret.”

I decide I have to meet him, so I flag him down. I’m not going to lie, I still didn’t totally believe my friend because Aaron doesn’t look much like Brad Pitt. I mean, who does?

Aaron hasn’t had the work done that most Hollywood actors have had to keep their youthful presence and like many long term Meth addicts, Aaron is missing his teeth.

Aaron v. Brad Pitt | An Interview by Noah Bergland
Brad Pitt High school Photo circa 1982, Only to Lose to Our Interviewee!

I wanted to hear the whole story, but I didn’t know how to ask and then one day the opportunity presented itself. A lockdown census came over the loudspeaker, which means everybody has to stay wherever they’re currently at and I realized I would be stuck in the chow hall for an hour or two after my shift was over, but who just happens to be stuck there with me, Aaron.

I told him about the blog I write for and asked if I could interview him about the whole Brad Pitt experience. He agreed.

He started with the gameshow and when they reached out to him. He thought about it for a while and wanted to make sure not to offend the Pitt family, so he reached out to Doug, Brad’s brother, to ask for permission. Doug did some checking, got back to him, and said it should be fine.

Aaron was an addict, who was using methamphetamines to keep up with the vigorous work schedule to provide for his family. The day came to fly out to Hollywood and he was on day 3 of no sleep, and almost missed his flight.

He made it out and they put him up in a nice hotel but Aaron knew if he was going to make it to the show, he would need to maintain his drug use until the performance was over. He had brought some meth with him but didn’t have a pipe to smoke out of.

He started to wander the streets of Hollywood and soon found out, a tobacco shop and a convenience store were nowhere to be found. He settles for a high-end grocery store and a $15 tiny roll of aluminum foil, which addicts use, as a last-ditch effort, to smoke various drugs.

He went back to his hotel, got high, but it didn’t work. Hours later, several minutes late for the show and with the limo waiting downstairs. Aaron is passed out in his room.

Finally, Aaron woke to a completely blacked-out hotel room and a ringing phone. It was the producer, pissed off and yelling at him to get his ass downstairs to the limo and over to the set. Here’s Aaron’s performance.

I asked if he felt anything from his past had played a role in where he is today, between Pitt’s success and an accident, where he almost lost his foot, and cost him his athletic career? I asked if he ever thinks about everything that could have been or regrets.

He said, of course, there will always be some of those thoughts in the back of your head, but at the end of the day we all have our struggles in one form or another.

He said his struggle was meth and thinking he needed it in his life in order to be productive, and he couldn’t help but notice in the tabloids that Brad has had his fair share of struggles too.

Nobody knows for sure but you can only guess the hell Brad has gone through over his split with Angelina in recent years, it goes to show money can’t buy you happiness, but it is apparent over more recent years that Brad has turned things around like Aaron knew he would.

He said as far as regrets though, “Hell no,” he said, then with a little chuckle, he followed up with, “Brad probably regrets not staying with Jennifer,” and then mentioned that Jane, Brad’s mom, has stayed close to Jennifer over the years and adores her to this day.

Aaron had the exact same thing to say about Brad, that I have to say about growing up with Dustin Byfuglien and Garrett Hedlund, it couldn’t have happened to a better guy. There is a reason he is where he is and has had success. He worked hard, he’s a talented actor, and he treats those around him well.

Aaron hasn’t had any contact with Brad, since he became famous, but has kept up with his mom, Jane. Aaron said Jane is a very pleasant, down to earth soul, who had been very kind to him even after he was indicted for the charges that he is serving presently.

Aaron said, “Brad was once in town for a Black Tie fundraiser for the Boys and Girls group,” which happened to be the same organization that they played basketball together, so many years ago. He reached out to the Pitt family to see if he could obtain some tickets, but Jane apologized and said she was unable to get any for him. Aaron was disappointed and thought it would be cool to see him and say hello, as he has always tried to respect his privacy, but it wasn’t meant to be.

Well, you guys might have your Brad Pitt out there but here at Yankton Federal Prison Camp we have our very own Brad Pitt and his name is, Aaron Stull!!!!!!!!

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