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resilience2reform is a platform that gives a voice to those going through significant changes and are working to rebuild their lives.

We are Jamie & Morgan Molitor from construction2style, and this is a new branch of our brand. In 2013, my brother, Noah Bergland, was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison for running a multi-state drug conspiracy.

Prison became our new normal, and we were forced to find a new way of life. Road trips to visit Noah in prison were not our ideal vacations.

However, once prison became a part of our routine, we quickly found stereotypes evaporating.

This new world was introduced to us. We found out quickly that we weren't alone, and there were so many good people behind those bars. We've heard one too many stories that shook us to the core, and we wanted to share them!

reslience2reform is about—supporting, building, educating, lending a helping hand, and wanting to live a better life. If this is you or you know someone and don't know where to start...resilience2reform is where you start.

There are no judgments here!

-Morgan Molitor

A Note

from Noah

When I was at the depths of my addiction, I knew my life was terrible, but I had no idea how to turn it around. When your life is spiraling, you can only ignore the signs for so long. If you're reading this and you can relate, you are at the right place; resilience2reform is for you.

I do not want to drag people to change because it usually doesn't work. However, I want the information to be available when you become ready; consider this an open invitation.

I've learned through my personal experience how much I needed help from God and people along the way when I was addicted, incarcerated, and trying to transition back into society. I've learned there is a better way of life, and you can truly realize your potential.

When we were brainstorming names for this platform, resilience is what came to mind.

1. the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties.
2. the ability to spring back into shape.

It stands for every child who has dealt with the absence of a parent due to incarceration. It stands for every single mother or grandparent who has stepped in to raise a child. It stands for brothers and sisters who have forgiven and allowed second chances. It stands for every family member who has been part of a support system. But, most importantly, it stands for God and all the ways He works miracles into our lives daily and is always present.

I used to think I chose a better way, but I now know that's not the case because long before I ever took my first drink of alcohol, found myself incarcerated, or celebrated five years of sobriety, God always had a plan.

- Noah Bergland


resilience2reform has been featured and seen on construction2style, KTIS 98.5, and within multiple school districts.

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our team

Say hello to our team! We're so thankful for this crew and hope you see and find the value that each of the bring to resilience2reform. Each of us are on our own unique journey in this thing called life and we hope through our experiences and vulnerability you can find hope, see the light, and always know that you are never alone. We come from all walks of life, none of them are perfect, but we're here with one common goal to shed new light and value into your life, no matter the depths of where you've walked. 

Morgan Molitor

Production Coordinator, Co-Founder

Morgan is the other half and co-founder of resilience2reform, wife to Jamie, sister to Noah.

10 years ago I watched my brother Noah roll down a very slippery slope into the depths of his addiction and eventually incarceration.

Never in my life did I think raising my children to visit prison would become their normal, our place of vacation destination.

Through lots of love, support, tears and laughs, I have been able to not only withstand the pain that this entire experience has caused but came out on the other side a changed and better person.

My brother and I are real, raw, genuine and completely open books. We pray that through these stories of ours that we are reliving and living, you will find knowledge, comfort and love.

For ANY questions or simply just need someone to talk to, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

sexy ass Christopher Warren looking lean and mean, ready to take on the world, incarcerated prison inmate released and ready to take on the world | Christopher Warren | Resilience2reform

Chris Warren

Content Coordinator

Once a former inmate, Chris is now a free man. He served over a decade as a first-time non-violent offender for home loans in the run-up to the 2009 crisis. He now resides in Sacramento, CA and works as a business analyst, consultant, and team member for R2R and C2S.
He has a bachelors degree in Legal Studies from Adams State, and is currently finishing his Masters Degree at University of Nevada Reno. You can usually find Chris enjoying time with his two sons or parents and serving the community in a ministry for his church.
A big believer in underdogs and comeback stories, Chris likes to seek out the true living stories about overcoming adversity, persistence in the face of failure, and human love and kindness in the presence of suffering.
Have a story? Want to give it voice? Have any questions about living in federal prison? Reach out, Chris wants to hear from you!

Brigette Molitor

Wellness Coach

Brigette is a wife, mom and aspiring minimalist, finding joy in the little moments of life. Her career in teaching exposed her to the overall lack of knowledge we have on how to care for ourselves, physically, mentally and socially. Through that she has found ways to help people of all ages learn better ways to care for their mind and body. Here at r2r her goal is to help people to see that through challenges and mindset shifts they can overcome anything life throws at them, to see the obstacles as opportunities, to celebrate the small wins and find peace in the process. 

resilience runs deep on our team, this is our editor and contributor, Susan Bergland, yogi, writer, ninja, greatest aunt in the world | Susan Bergland | resilience2reform

Susan McCulley

Writer + Editor

Susan has been a mindful movement teacher, artist, writer and coach since 2000. She loves both writing for r2r and supporting and encouraging other writers to share their vitally important stories and experiences. She is the creator of The Age of Becoming: Embodied Practices Empowering Women over 50 community which offers free movement practices & workshops, connection & community and more. Her 30-Lesson audio course, Building Balance in Your Body & Life was published on the Insight Timer meditation app in early 2022. A Nia Black Belt Instructor, she loves teaching embodied awareness to people of all abilities and experiences, in groups of all sizes (both in person and on-line). She is passionate about supporting people as they connect with the inherent wisdom of the body and take their practice into life. She has two illustrated books, Buddha Cat: Learning Awareness, Presence & Self-Care from a Teacher Who Sometimes Barfs on the Bed and Octabusy: Letting Go in a Sea of Doing. Her teaching schedule, classes, blog, books and art are available at



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