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We exist to shine light into the unseen side of addiction and mental illness; the side of resilience, hope, joy and love beyond the darkness.

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Where it Began

The New Normal

resilience2reform began in 2018 with a story of imprisonment. It was a platform built by sharing letters between a brother and sister who were finding a new normal in an unideal situation. Morgan would receive hand written letters from Noah and together they realized that through their own vulnerability they were providing hope to others in similar situations.

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We offer in-person or online support to make a movement in a positive way.

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we all have a story

Life Must Be Lived Forward

We all have our stories and get to make our choices. Our writers have shared their journeys through faith, recovery, and forgiveness, but also addiction, depression, anxiety, and abuse. Their raw stories tell where their lives and their choices have taken them and how God's grace transformed their lives. No matter what you face, our contributors' stories offer a human perspective delivered with transparency, compassion, and a reminder that you are not alone and you matter.

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sparkling water, the perfect summer drink for sobriety

Sobriety – The Unpopular Social Norm

Let’s talk sobriety. I gave up alcohol a little over three years ago. I was never much of a drinker. I grew up with a father who is an alcoholic…

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innocent until proven guilty

Innocent Until Proven(?) Guilty

Are we really innocent until proven (?) guilty? It is 1991 Desmoines Iowa I am 18 years old And I am on trial for 1st Degree Robbery Facing 25 years…

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10 Ways to Support Your Loved Ones – From the Inside Out

  From one of our anonymous writers There are numerous posts about how people can support their loved ones who are incarcerated…so I’m going to switch that up a little bit…

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Four Way to Minimize Stress this Holiday Season

  Full of love, joy, and for some, stress. The holidays are a mix of many events and mixed emotions. There’s the gifts, the social obligations, the decorations, the family…

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Let’s Journal Together – Improve Your Mental Health

We want to journal with you! Here at r2r many of our writers have found journaling to be a positive coping skill. It forces thoughts out of your head and…

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Mental Health vs. Mental Illness – Changing the Narrative

Can you think of something you’ve done since you were a toddler that was specifically for your mental health? From the time we were two we knew how to care…

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4 Tips to Recover From Your Resentful Mindset

Recovery comes in all forms. Let’s chat a different form of recovery, I refer to it as role-related recovery. This has been part of my personal journey over the years…

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dating, red flags and an eventful past

Dating, Red Flags, and Eventful Past | Anya Bergland

I have been feeling like sharing something on this platform for a while, but I just couldn’t come up with a correct angle to approach it. Noah asked me to…

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A Letter to a Prisoner | Kim Novacek (Grahn)

A Letter to a Prisoner | Kim Novacek (Grahn)

A Letter to a Prisoner, Hello, I feel a little introduction is important so you understand where I fit into Noah’s life. My name is Kim, and Noah’s dad Steve…

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