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A platform that gives a voice to anyone who is struggling with self-destructive choices and wants to live a better life. Not sure where to start? It's right here.

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We are Jamie and Morgan Molitor from construction2style. Over seven years ago Morgan’s little brother, Noah, was running a multi-state drug conspiracy and was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison. Incarceration has become our new normal. We created reslience2reform for people like Noah who want to make different choices and change their lives. This site is designed to support, educate, encourage anyone who want to live a better life. If you don’t know where to start (or don't know how to help someone start), resilience2reform is the place.

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We offer in person or online support to make a movement in a positive way.


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We all have our stories and we all make our choices. Our writers have been share their journeys through addiction, depression, anxiety, abuse, money laundering. Their raw stories tell about where their life and their choices have taken them. No matter what you are facing, our contributors' stories offer human perspective delivered with transparency and compassion and a reminder that you are not alone.

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Drug addiction, father son dynamic and death or loss | Noah Bergland | resilience2reform

It Never Goes As Planned! | Noah Bergland

When I was still in prison, I was excited about my release date of September 10, 2020, but I was also afraid that I might mess it up and get…

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It’s Okay to Laugh, Crying is Cool Too

Hey Nora, One of the last books while in prison that I finished was It’s Okay to Laugh, Crying is Cool Too. My sister sent it to me after reading…

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survivors, making an impact in someones life, saving lives, showing support | Dennis Cockerham | Resilience2Reform

Covid- 19 update from Prison | 5.18.20 | Dennis Cockerham

Covid- 19 Update I just came in from my first hour outside in almost two months! It all started last Friday, May 15, 2020. A Town Hall was announced. Where…

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resilience, drug addiction, R2R, prison life, helping other, making a difference, lend a hand, incarceration, indictment, foster care, assistance | Resilience2Reform

Self Doubt | Noah Bergland

Self Doubt. I don’t know who said it, but once I heard it, I couldn’t shake it. I must have been 13, I was at the golf course because that…

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work for felons

Work for Felons | Christopher Warren

Work for Felons It is a buzz theme: rehabilitation not recidivism.  The concept means well, and when executed right, pays huge dividends for offenders, victims, and society. The thought runs…

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Drug addiction, father son dynamic and death or loss | Noah Bergland | resilience2reform

I Love You & I Am Not You | Noah Bergland

I love You, And I Am Not You. Whenever I smell Old Spice or cigarette smoke, for a second, I look for Dad. Nothing brings him back to me more,…

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Drug addiction, Home confinement, ankle monitoring | Noah Bergland | Resilience2Reform

I’m Out of Prison! Now What? | Noah Bergland

I’m Out of Prison! It’s been a little more than a week since I was released from prison. Yes, getting out was amazing — as good as I expected, and…

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Covid-19, Corona Virus inmate, fear and love | Dennis Cockerham | Resilience2Reform

COVID-19 Hope & Help Inside | Dennis Cockerham

COVID-19. The Pandemic. It’s sweeping the nation, wreaking havoc on social and economic stability and devastating the penal system across the country. The Federal Bureau Of Prisons (BOP) has 141,306…

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covenant coffee, foster care support, humanitarianism | Christopher Warren | Resilience2Reform

Covenant Coffee Experience | Christopher Warren

Covenant Coffee   In 2013, when I was in the Taft Correctional Facility in Bakersfield, California, I was a part of “Those Outspoken,” a group that went into the community…

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