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A platform that gives a voice to anyone who is struggling with self-destructive behaviors and wants to live a better life. Not sure where to start? It's right here.

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We are Jamie and Morgan Molitor from construction2style. Over seven years ago Morgan’s little brother, Noah, was running a multi-state drug conspiracy and was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison. Incarceration has become our new normal. We created reslience2reform for people like Noah who want to make different choices and change their lives. This site is designed to support, educate, encourage anyone who wants to live a better life. If you don’t know where to start (or don't know how to help someone start), resilience2reform is the place.

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We offer in-person or online support to make a movement in a positive way.

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We all have our stories and we all make our choices. Our writers have been sharing their journeys through addiction, depression, anxiety, abuse, money laundering. Their raw stories tell about where their life and their choices have taken them. No matter what you are facing, our contributors' stories offer human perspective delivered with transparency and compassion and a reminder that you are not alone.

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7 Ways to Support Someone in Prison

7 Ways to Support Someone in Prison

There are many different ways to support a friend or family member who’s incarcerated. Here are seven different ideas and remember, if one isn’t available or doesn’t work, try another….

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Mental Health and Addiction | Kirsten Solberg

Mental Health and Addiction | Kirsten Solberg

Mental Health and Addiction by Kirsten Solberg If the Lord had not been my help, my soul would soon have lived in the land of silence.  – Psalm 94:17 I’ve…

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Addiction | Dennis Cockerham

COVID RIOTS | Dennis Cockerham

COVID RIOTS It is Monday June 1, 2020 3:45 pm All inmates To the basement Mandatory meeting George Floyd Black Lives Matter Protests Violence The news The world To prevent…

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White Privilege | Jesse & Noah Bergland

White Privilege | Jesse & Noah Bergland

My brother, Jesse, and I took two separate paths to get where we are today. Lately, we have been having some meaningful conversations about what’s going on in the world…

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Operation "Noah's Ark" | Noah Bergland

The Face of Addiction | Noah Bergland

“The Face of Addiction” arose from my correspondence with Brigette Molitor, a middle school teacher (and now a contributor to resilience2reform), and she asked me, “What does addiction look like?”…

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The Invisible Man | By Dennis Cockerham

The Invisible Man | Dennis Cockerham

I just finished reading Noah’s writing, The Face of Addiction, and I really liked what I read. Noah and I, we come from completely different backgrounds. Yet, here we are…

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Man in the Mirror | By: Mike Gardipee

Man in the Mirror | Mike Gardipee

The question presented to me was, “What does addiction look like? Does it have a face? “ I have come to see addiction as an evil spirit that lurks the world…

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JoJo's Story | Johanna Bergland

JoJo’s Story | Johanna Bergland

My name is Johanna, but you can call me JoJo.   The story of addiction is unique for everybody, and yet exactly the same. This is my unique-same story. I…

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Gay Pride Interview with my Cousin Jodi

Gay Pride Interview with my Cousin Jodi | Noah Bergland

Gay pride week in Minneapolis: everything is virtual, but we’re not going to miss out on the celebration. My friends, Braulio and Joe taught me that being gay isn’t just…

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