Let’s Journal Together – Improve Your Mental Health

We want to journal with you!

Here at r2r many of our writers have found journaling to be a positive coping skill. It forces thoughts out of your head and onto paper, allowing you to let them go. We are going to start a journal challenge each week over on Instagram. We provide the prompts, you fill out the rest. 

Why are we doing this? 

A while back we shared 5 Steps to Better Coping Skills. We want to provide some ideas and from there you determine whether or not that coping skill work for you.

How is it going to work?

Every Tuesday we are going to share, in stories, a journal prompt. Some of the prompts will be simple and surface level, while others may take more vulnerability. Screenshot the story and add your own text over it. Be sure to tag us so we can reshare and encourage others to connect and do the same. 

Why virtual? 

We want this to be accessible to everyone and at your fingertips. No fancy journals needed. Just you, your journal prompt and your thoughts. 

Happy Writing!

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