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Noah Bergland

Resilient | Noah Bergland

August 7, 2020
Managing My Mood | Noah Bergland

Resilience is one of my strongest traits but I’m not the most resilient person I know. I have a fight inside me that refuses to give up. Like the weight-lifting…

Dennis Cockerham

Addiction | Dennis Cockerham

July 18, 2020
Mixed Family | Dennis Cockerham

Addiction A lot has changed recently, my friend Noah is home and I am still here in prison. Yes, that is both jealousy and envy that you hear. I am…

Mike Gardipee

A Message of Hope | Mike Gardipee

July 14, 2020
A Message of Hope | Mike Gardipee

Today, I feel hope. After 13 years of incarceration, I’m being released. The night before a few friends from my recovery program cooked me my last prison rice bowl: cheese…


COVID RIOTS | Dennis Cockerham

July 5, 2020
Addiction | Dennis Cockerham

COVID RIOTS It is Monday June 1, 2020 3:45 pm All inmates To the basement Mandatory meeting George Floyd Black Lives Matter Protests Violence The news The world To prevent…