When Holidays and Birthdays Find You in Prison | Noah Bergland

Holidays and birthdays in prison can be challenging times, as you can imagine. Even though there are many amazing people in prison, you are not surrounded by lifelong friends and family, making your situation even harder.

As they come and go, these dates don’t hold as much celebration and significance as in the free world. Most years, they are simply markers of how many more you have to spend in prison before your release.

A couple of years incarcerated, I didn’t even tell anyone my birthday had come and gone. However, I never forgot to call my daughter Melrose so she could wish me a happy birthday.

As the years go by, these dates hurt a little less. However, one date that never gets any less painful is your children’s birthdays. These days can be emotional, and that’s okay. But, make sure to pull yourself together, give them a call, and sing that song.

When you’re incarcerated it’s easy to get in your head and start thinking about those celebrations on the street. Outings with your friends on your birthday. Birthday dinners with your family. Large gatherings at grandma and grandpas with delicious food and tons of presents.

Holidays & Birthdays in Prison | Noah Bergland

But you have to find a way to block that out because it will only send you into a deep depression. So instead, focus on the friends you have in there, plan a meal, add an extra fitness activity, or find a buddy and walk the track and talk about life.

As weird as it sounds, a couple of things prison provides around the holidays are somewhat enjoyable. For one, the food is delicious on holidays, and the servings are plentiful. In addition, there’s always plenty of football to watch, and there are TV’s to view it on.

The education department at some facilities provides ways to connect with your family around the holidays. For example, you can record yourself reading a book and send it home for your child to listen along. If you want, you can make a video of yourself wishing them a Merry Christmas or singing a melody. There may even be card-making classes, and don’t worry about talent here. It’s the thought that counts.

Follow link for Boomerang of my card: 7ad5d01add0844b781fa97886fe45d75

Last but not least, we get a big bag of candy, known as our Christmas Bags. My advice, try and space this candy out throughout the week, so you don’t make yourself sick. But, of course, I was never able to follow my advice here.

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5 months ago

Being away with your loved ones is hard, especially on those special occasions. I understand that this is depressing but we need to move forward for our love ones.