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The Written Rules of Prison | Noah Bergland

From Me to You | Dennis Cockerham

Posted on April 1, 2020

The United States Bureau of Prisons Home of some of the most notorious outlaws Prisoners Never expected to be free again Or those with so many years to serve The…

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To Fink or Not Fink | By Noah

Posted on March 31, 2020

It’s said there are only two types of people in the Bureau of Prison system, those who told and those who wish they would have. And a fink is defined…

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The Bagel Cutter | Christopher Warren

Posted on March 27, 2020

The year was 2009. I was 26, 5’10”, 262 pounds of pure lard, and had been incarcerated all of 90 days, looking down the barrel of a 20-year case.  Because…

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Pier 39 San Francisco California | Christopher Warren | Resilience2reform

Covid-19, Pier 39, and a World Shut Down | Christopher Warren

Posted on

So while the world has begun to burn with Coronavirus madness, the wheels of justice continued to turn, and I moved home from the Bay to Sacramento. To live on…

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cheesecake Resilience2reform

The Best Cheesecake Recipe | Noah Bergland

Posted on

So I have something special for you guys today, it’s prison cheesecakes. The topic came up during my visit with the construction2style team and I have been meaning to put…

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The Invisible Man | By Dennis Cockerham | It's the one you never see coming, you, the addict, the sick, the manipulative, the one that knows what's best. You will be trick or deceived and you will think it's the right thing to do because it's you trying to convince yourself.

The Process | Noah Bergland and Dennis Cockerham

Posted on

Introduction Hey guys, Noah here. So I had something come up in regards to my recovery program. I am currently attending two meetings a week. At these meetings, I get…

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