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My family had a long-standing tradition while I was growing up: a camping trip to MacKerricher State Park in Mendocino County, California. Every summer, we would return and spend a…

Prison is full of rules. Unfortunately, the written rules will only keep you from conflict with the staff. If you want to make it through your sentence, the most important rules to…

Johanna Bergland

My Best Friend | Johanna Bergland

September 18, 2020
my best friend Johanna Bergland

Even though we did everything together, I knew I had to break up with my best friend. Addiction does not discriminate, it affects all walks of life. Statistically, 1 out…


Clean and Sober | Noah Bergland

September 1, 2020
clean and sober Noah Bergland

September 1st, 2016 is my clean (sobriety) date. I went to prison on September 3rd, 2013, so the last time I used drugs was during my incarceration. When I went…



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