A Day in the Life of a Prisoner | Aaron Fulton

A Day in the Life: Aaron Fulton

A Day in the Life: Questions Answered by Aaron Fulton

One of our missions at resilience2reform is to open communication about topics we usually don’t talk about. In response to his post, My Painful Paradox, a reader wrote in some questions for Aaron. He (and all of us) encourage questions and we are happy to answer anything that people want to know. 

What does your day-to-day life consist of in prison? 

It has changed throughout the years, but right now, this is how it goes:

I wake up around 3am–not because they make me, but for the solitude. It is the best time for reading and studying. I read news from “The Economist” as I have my first cup of coffee. 

Around 4am, I begin my self-education. These hours are always dedicated to the subject of business — right now, specifically, marketing. I spend 2-3 hours reading, taking notes, memorizing key terms, working through textbook questions and problems and brainstorming/ daydreaming about how to apply the concepts. 

My prison job assignment is a barber. Over the years, I’ve arranged it so I’m responsible for only the lockup wing, which at full capacity is only 43 people. This means I can do all of my work in about 3 hours a week. If I don’t have work (I try to minimize it because we are not paid), I extend the time I study. 

A Day in the Life: Aaron Fulton

At 9am, I often workout. I’ve been enthusiastic about fitness for my entire incarceration. I’ve learned a lot and at one time was preparing to become a personal trainer after my release. Although I’ve changed my career focus for something more, the discipline that began with fitness carries over to other areas of my life, so I have never abandoned that as a foundation. It is about more than being in good shape. It is a way of life. It was the first step in my pursuit of human excellence and one I’ll never stray from. 

After working out, I shower and call my fiancée, Molly and we talk for 30 minutes or so. From 12 to 3pm, I go to school where I’m taking Cognitive Intervention. This is a class on self-discipline, which is frankly not a struggle for me. Still, I’m always open to opportunities to refine my knowledge. It is a 12-week class, and I’m just about finished. 

When I’m done with that, I’ll use any remaining time to study subjects that interest me: fitness, nutrition, personal finance, psychology, philosophy. I am deeply curious, love non-fiction and I am interested in life. 

When I return from school, I call and talk to Molly for a while. Then I’ll shower and eat, walk around and talk to people for a bit. Around 7pm, I get ready to go to sleep–listen to the news and read. Then at 7:30 or 8pm, I’m out for the night. 

Do you get visits and emails? 

Because of COVID-19, we have not been allowed visits for almost a year. When we did have them, my mom would come to see me about once every two months. 

We don’t have access to emails per se, but there is a website called jpay.com that I can receive emails through, but I have to reply through postal mail. The best way to contact me is through Molly — I talk to her every day.

Thank you for your questions, and if you have any more, please do not hesitate to ask. In this war on suffering, every person counts–I will do my best to get back to everyone as soon as possible.

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