Life is a Highway – Dennis Cockerham

Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Driving down the interstate
Windows down
Favorite tunes
Loud through the speakers

Merge Right

Exit Now

Bridge out ahead

Road Closed

You continue forward
Crashing into the barricade
Wondering where you went wrong?

(This used as a depiction for addiction)
The depiction of recovery:
The ability to look back
To see the signs
More so,
Vehicle repaired…
The understanding
The purpose
The application

The windshield is bigger
Than the rearview mirror
For a Reason!!!
-David Ramsey

Life is a Highway

At first glance, this is a good theory.
Inspecting further show the loophole
Exactly how this pattern repeats itself,
as it has in my life, again and again.

In both cases, it leaves the driver relying
on himself, before and after. Yes, new tools are
given, redirection explained, but I am told
that it is up to me to DO IT!

The problem is no matter how well I am able
to see my pattern in retrospect, left on
my own I am still the one that misses
the signs to begin with.

Truth be told, more accidents happen
when driving forward while looking back.

Plus, the signs are not painted the
same on both sides. Why would they be?

In life, we have been given the
gift of each other. I did not learn to drive
without help. I was a passenger before I was
a driver.

If I was meant to face life by myself
God would have created only me!

Sometimes I forget this.

Life is a highway, but we don’t have to
travel it alone!

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