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My Perspective on Prison Life | Noah Bergland

The Survivors

It is said
That the best time
To put on a roof
Is when the sun is shining

I agree
I go to 12-Step Meetings
Every week
Here in prison

Noah and I
Meet every night at 9pm

Not just for him
For me, too

It is what we do
We do this
When times are good
So that it is established
Where we go
When they get bad
We do this
To create a healthy routine

The foundation needed
To build the house
To begin with
Strong enough
To withstand
The storms of life

I turned 48 years old March 28, 2020
Doctors say
Although we continue to age
The addict
Stops maturing
Mentally and emotionally
The moment
They start using

I have been
Since November 29, 2016
I started at the age of 10
Using this theory
I am 13 1/2 years old

What 13-year-old do you know
Fully independent

What 13-year-old
Does not need
The support of others?
Need the examples to follow
Need the love
The ability to fall
To be caught
Picked back up
Its going to be okay

Is it expected
That in learning
Mistakes are going to be made

The process itself
Requires there to be others
There to teach us

If you want (((I would stay with the house metaphor and not mix it up with sports)))
To learn how
To play basketball
You don’t ask
A hockey player

I have the disease
Of addiction
Some differ here
Present argument

I say
Who cares what I call it
The fact
I am calling it something
Acknowledges my awareness
Of the problem
Starts my process

I may not
See myself to blame
For a disease

I am definitely responsible
For the treatment of it


Physical therapy

If a house is on fire
You do not have to know
Where the fire started
You just need to get out
A group of people
Will come along
Having dealt with many fires
Knowing their way through them
Use their experience
To help you

Evacuation procedures
Exit strategies
Seem to come

The ability
To identify
That a problem exists
The fact
There is a spark
Which can be ignited
That has the potential
To burst into flames
And burn your whole house down

This knowing
However it is arrived at
Brings attention
To the need of prevention

The accumulation and measure
Of previous experiences
Similar situations
Proven to prevent
An undesired outcome

I am an
My home
Burnt to the ground

Fires never seem to start
In the place
Where my attention
Is fixed

If they did
I would quickly
Stomp them out

I need help
Knowing where to look
The actions to take

Where better to get that help
Than from the survivors
Those who have the spark, too
Have been engulfed by the flame
Now successful
In their prevention

We know
Carrying all of the bricks needed
For the foundation
Of the new house
After the fire
Is too much for any one person
So we come
We offer our help
We build it together

That is our
And that
Is what we bring
To Noah (((add: and to each other??)

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