Validation From the Ones We Love & Who Love Us by Dennis Cockerham

validation from the ones we love and who love us

In my program of recovery, I read literature, I pray, I send emails, and I share in related meetings.

A lot of words!

I can be pretty articulate with words…to others and to God.

But words are not recovery!

Recovery is in what I do;

How I apply the lessons and principles.

If I do not put them into action in my life and in my relationships, then what is the purpose.

Tamara (Wife)

Hello dear. It has been a while since I actually sat down and typed out a message just to you.

Something is happening to me.
Although I cannot explain the how, or the why now;
I feel the need to share the what.

As I look back I have always sought validation.
I wanted to know, I wanted to be accepted, and I wanted to be loved.

However, I thought,
whatever I thought—that I needed to be or do
To get this validation…
I sought out to do it.

I would be the start of the world.
The life of the party, the boss of the company, and the king of the ring.

I accomplished each of these steps, but it never felt like quite enough.
I seem always to fall short and in need of the seeking once again.


Today a sort of clearing is taking place deep inside of me.
Like a fog lifting and improving my line of sight.

For you, I was
Always have been
always will be…
All of those things!

My jokes are funny, my songs are hits, and my wisdom is beyond question.
And the only explanation is that they are from me.

For you,
I am enough
For you,
I am everything.

I do not know why I have not seen this before, but I see it now.

Everything that I have always wanted…
I have always had…

Thank you!

Today I want you to know
You too, are enough for me.
You are finally

In you, I find all the validation that I need!

I love you!!!

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Julie Geary
4 years ago'
Julie Geary
4 years ago Hi Dennis, that was beautiful. Just want you to know you are so truly missed and loved, can’t wait to see your beautiful face. much love and respect John and Julie'
4 years ago
Reply to  Julie Geary

Thanks Julie, Dennis talks about you two plenty, and I know how much you mean to him. You guys have blessed not only his recovery but his life. Thank you for your continued support!